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Rep in the Spotlight!


Sherrie has been an Independent Rep for Miessence since 2006.  She continues to promote Miessence and a healthy lifestyle through connections with others and expos.

Above is a photo of Sherrie at the Grand Haven Spa and Wellness Expo which happened on March 26.  Were you there?

Great work, Sherrie!

Rep in the Spotlight!

Jessica just held a MiSpa party for friends and family.  What a great success! She has booked 2 more parties from that one.  What a busy and exciting time in her new Miessence Business!

Jessica says:  I am so happy to have found One Group. I have been on the search for safe products for my family. I have very young children and most of the products out there have carcinogens in them which cause cancer. Miessence products are organic,safe, and pure. Take a look for yourself and see what’s in your product at http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com

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Pure Miessence

Rep in the Spotlight!


Late 2008 I began experiencing hair loss. Boy was I devastated! I believed the loss was because of the harsh chemicals I was using on my hair. After attending a ‘natural haircare’ seminar my eyes were opened to the harm we were doing to ourselves by putting harmful chemicals in and on our bodies. Since then, I have been gradually transitioning to an organic lifestyle – I first started with my hair care products and then began being more conscientious about the other products as well as food I buy. Already, I can tell a difference in the health of myself and my daughter. One more step towards ensuring I leave a legacy I can be proud of.

Excerpt from Tarra’s Blog:

A woman enters a sunlit garden filled with beautiful colors and aromas swirlling around her. Just ahead there is a group of individuals sitting in a circle. She shyly walks in as they welcome her into the space. She can’t believe that she has blindly walked past this group time and time again – waving them off with disinterest – sometimes even in disdain.

Not long ago, she was the consumate consumer. Never even thinking twice about it. Now, she stands in the middle of this crowd of like-minded individuals and declares “Hi, My name is Tarra, and I’m an organic junkie”. The crowd bellows back in unison “Welcome, Tarra!” (read more…)

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This is Living

I have been listing out the attributes of the “organic peeps” I want to bring into my tribe of Miessence OrganicsYes Network.  Who is in your tribe of organic peeps?  Do you see yourself in the words below?

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Rep in the Spotlight!  Erika Jones

Erika, a stay-at-home mom and rep for Miessence.   She created Orgainc Baby Resource (OBR) in January 2008.  She was seeking a way to combine her long-term passion of writing with her new-found passion of caring for her baby using the most natural methods possible. Thus, the OBR website was born!  (Read More…)

Take some time to visit Erika’s site and learn from her amazing wealth of knowledge!  Also, she needs your votes to receive a grant which will help her to expand her amazing work!

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 When setting the intention for my latest work within my Miessence business, I decided to combine my creative world with my business focus.

I spent the morning before the most recent Mini-Expo listing out all the last minute details.  Then, I thought about how I wanted the day to go.  This list was different.  It had to do with setting the intention for the day…more visual and emotional than the “to-do” list.

Here is what I listed out:

  • Grow the OrganicsYes Network of reps and PCs
  • Recall the attributes of the “best reps and PCs” for Miessence
  • Thoughts of nature-creating sustainability and knowledge of caring for the earth and our bodies through organic farming and using the pure ingredients in Miessence

From this list, I created the image above.  Each of the colors has significance for me, as does each of the visual images I found.  I kept the card with me at the expo and looked at it throughout the day.  It was inspirational!

How do you set intention for sharing your Miessence business with others?

Susan Loughrin
Miessence Independent Rep